Carpet Cleaning

Did you know that Oklahoma City is the best place to start a business in the entire country? If you have a dream and the courage to go after it, Oklahoma City is the place to be.

After you put out your open for business sign what can you do to attract new customers to your establishment?

The easiest way to attract customers to your business is simply to be clean and presentable. You would be amazed by how many companies neglect cleanliness because they are too busy or do not think it is a priority.

I can guarantee you that it matters to your customers. You could be losing hundreds if not thousands of dollars in profits and not even know it because customers are making a decision not to patronize your establishment.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service is tailored made for business owners who do not have in-house staff for carpet maintenance but recognize the need to keep carpets clean and presentable for the long haul.

Our commercial carpet cleaning service will remove dirt, dust, oil, food and other contaminants from your carpet with ease. The removal of these contaminants will improve the indoor air quality and increase the productivity of your staff.

A study conducted by Harvard and Syracuse Universities research teams found that improving indoor air quality boosted cognitive abilities by 27%.

Another study found that by investing as little as $40 per person, per year on improving indoor air quality, worker productivity increases by $6,500.

Commercial carpet cleaning is a worthwhile investment in your business. If you have any questions about our commercial carpet cleaning service or if you would like to schedule an appointment, give us a call today at (405) 582-3750.