Carpet Stretching

Is your carpet suffering from ripples and bumps that seem to come out of nowhere? Your mind is not playing tricks on you; this simply means that your carpet is not attached to the tack strip.

This is what is causing your carpet to shift and bunch up while you are walking on it. The most common reason for carpet ripples is poor craftsmanship by the previous installer.

There are carpet installers out there who will cut corners and not use the necessary tools to guarantee a quality install for the sake of saving time to hurry to the next job. They could care less about the future of your carpet.

You will not receive that type of treatment from Carpet Repair Oklahoma City. We value our customers, and we do our best to develop a positive relationship with you from day one.

We take care of your carpet ripple issue with our power stretcher tool. This tool allows us to properly stretch your carpet and remove the ripples and bumps from it.

After your carpet is stretched we attach it to the tack strip to ensure that it will not ripple or buckle anytime soon.

If you have questions about the carpet stretching process or if you are ready to schedule your appointment, please give us a call today at (405) 582-3750