Rug Repair Service

Are you a rug collector or do you enjoy the craftsmanship and the splash of color that a rug brings into your home?

Whether you like rugs as a financial asset or purely for aesthetics reasons they still need to be repaired from time to time.

We love restoring rugs because each rug has its own character and we love to hear the backstory about each rug that we repair. So don’t be shy about sharing your story with us.

We can repair a wide array of rug damage, the most common being pet stains, food stains, pet urine, serging and wear and tear of the fibers.

No matter what type of damage or what kind of rug you have we can take care of it for you. The rug repair process for our customers is simple and straightforward.

We work with you to arrange a time and date to pick up your rug from your home. We do this because we need access to specialized rug repair equipment.

We take extra precaution when transporting your rug to ensure that it is not damaged during transit to and from your home.

When your rug arrives at our facility, we will conduct a thorough inspection of your rug and take note of the damage that needs to be repaired.

Once the damage has been noted, we will call you to provide you with an estimate for the repairs and ask for your permission to proceed with the repairs. Honesty and integrity is at the heart of our business

We keep everything above board 100%, so you feel comfortable throughout the whole repair process.

After the repairs are completed, we will transport your newly restored rug back to your home in perfect condition.

Our rug repair specialists are ready to repair your Oriental, Persian, Navajo, Hand-made, hand-dyed priceless treasure today.

Learn more about our rug repair process or schedule your appointment today by calling (405) 582-3750